14th Anniversary


The Knowledge Festival will not be happening this year due to ongoing construction at PVEC. We look forward to seeing you again in 2017.


The Knowledge Festival, sponsored by the Park View IB Society and several organizations, is a celebration of learning and education. Over the years it has grown into a major event showcasing the academic skills and achievements of students in the South Shore district. One of the goals of the Knowledge Festival is to build excitement for academics.

The long-range aspiration is that funds raised by the Knowledge Festival will help sponsor summer enrichment for local students. Each summer local area students attend the Knowledge Festival summer camp - a three day educational experience at St. FX University. Scholarships have also been provided for two graduating IB students.

With the Knowledge Festival, the Park View IB Society has created a unique celebration for the community, and the community has responded with recognition and support. We would like to thank our many sponsors for their vision and contributions!



Knowledge Festival Coordinator
Stephanie Lowe - lordlys@staff.ednet.ns.ca
902-541-8200 (Parkview Education Centre Office)


School Name Grades e-mail Phone Fax
Aspotogan Consolidated acesprincipal@ssrsb.ca P-5 857-2600 857-2601
Bayview Community School Ann Wentzell annwhite@staff.ednet.ns.ca P-9 624-2120 624-2124
Big Tancook Elementary Elizabeth Sutherland btes@ssrsb.ca P-5 228-8300 228-8301
Bluenose Academy Vandalea Creaser creaserv@staff.ednet.ns.ca P-9
Bridgewater Elementary Cathy Shaw catshaw@staff.ednet.ns.ca P-6 541-8240 541-8250
Bridgewater Jr/Sr High Julie Lohnes julohnes@staff.ednet.ns.ca 7-12 541-8260 541-8270
Chester Area Middle School Janet Dornan camsprincipal@ssrsb.ca 6-9 275-2720 275-2730
Chester District Elementary Bernie Van Doninck cdesprincipal@ssrsb.ca P-5 275-2750 275-2755
Dr. J.C. Wickwire Academy Terry Stewart / Angela Burke testewart@staff.ednet.ns.ca / aburke@staff.ednet.ns.ca 2-6 354-7660 354-7666
Forest Heights Community Miles Page fhcsprincipal@ssrsb.ca 10-12 275-2700 275-2710
Gold River-Western Shore Melissa Willman grwses@ssrsb.ca P-5 627-4000 627-4001
Greenfield Elementary Dawn Uhlman gesvp@ssrsb.ca P-6 685-5400 685-5401
Hebbville Academy Krista McDow rodenk@staff.ednet.ns.ca P-6 541-8284 541-8290
Hebbville Academy Amy Peveril apeveril@staff.ednet.ns.ca 7-9 541-8280 541-8290
Liverpool Regional High Terry Doucette terryd@staff.ednet.ns.ca 10-12 354-7600 354-7610
Mill Village Consolidated Rosanne Williams mvmcprincipal@ssrsb.ca P-6 677-5200 677-5201
Milton Centennial Rosanne Williams mvmcprincipal@ssrsb.ca P-1 354-7620 354-7622
New Germany Elementary Ann Gummeson agummeson@staff.ednet.ns.ca P-6 644-5020 644-5022
New Germany Rural High Joyce Veinot-Gates ngrhsvp@ssrsb.ca 7-12 644-5000 644-5010
New Ross Consolidated Sarah Gates / Terry Cochrane sgates766@staff.ednet.ns.ca /tcochran@staff.ednet.ns.ca P-9 689-6101 689-6110
Newcombville Elementary Paula McIsaac mcisaacp@staff.ednet.ns.ca P-5 541-8230 541-8231
North Queens Elementary Jennifer Weare nqgesprincipal@ssrsb.ca P-6 682-3500 682-3510
North Queens Rural High Jennifer Weare nqgesprincipal@ssrsb.ca 7-12 682-3500 682-3510
Park View Education Centre Wendy Page wpage@staff.ednet.ns.ca 10-12 541-8200 541-8210
Pentz Elementary Susan Lohnes susanlohnes@bellaliant.net P-6 688-3210 688-3211
Petite Riviere Elementary Leslie Jones presprincipal@ssrsb.ca P-6 688-3200 688-3201
South Queens Jr. High Wendy Allen mmeallen@eastlink.ca 7-9 354-7640 354-7650
West Northfield Elementary Mary Chisholm wnesprincipal@ssrsb.ca P-6 541-8220 541-8221